guilty thoughts at 10:57 a.m., Monday, April 14, 2003

I would like to say that I hate Ritalin. And it hates me. And I hate being poor, because if I wasn't dirt poor I would be able to buy the Concerta which doesn't disagry with me. Or make me feel sick to my stamach or irationaly depressed or make me try to rip the throate out of any one who tries to talk to me.

Having said all of that my stupid paper is done. 10 full pages on how the field of psychology had for years screwed over anyone who wasn't straight. And how a lot of times they still do. Why did I pick such a depressing topic?
On a vaguely humorus note some of the first "cures" for homosexuality in cluded exsesive bike riding or visiting prostitutes. One guy evern told his client to go ahead and get drunk before going. Being drunk was advisable.
That one just made me giggle. There were other "cures" that made me want to hide, but since they did, in fact, make me want to hide I'll refrain from elaborating on them.

Upshot of this? Paper is done and after I make another sad webpage for tuesday morning I get to relax for a full 6 days. A time span almost unheard of latly. And 2 of those days will be spent at AnimeBoston! ::does a happy dance::

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guilty thoughts at 02:29 a.m., Sunday, April 13, 2003

I hate Ritalin. I just thought I would tell everyone that. I have run out of Concerta, which is the nice happy methynphedate (if I spelled that wropng I don't care) that I take, and am to broke to buy anymore. So I take some of the Ritalin that I have that I usually avoid. Why do I avoid it? Because when it wears off I always feel sick to my staumach and depressed. Also If you are unlucky enought o be near me or possable look in my general directing while it is wearing off ((read about 4 hours)) I have a tendancy to rip throats out first and ask question later.
And I *still* Have that paper to write so I can't even just put up with having the attension span of a bug.
I'm going to be before I either throw up or commin grievious bodily injure to myself and others.

Today's Quote: ky9

guilty thoughts at 02:29 a.m., Sunday, April 13, 2003

I hate Ritalin. I just thought I would tell everyone that. I have run out of Concerta, which is the nice happy methynphedate (if I spelled that wropng I don't care) that I take, and am to broke to buy anymore. So I take some of the Ritalin that I have that I usually avoid. Why do I avoid it? Because when it wears off I always feel sick to my staumach and depressed. Also If you are unlucky enought o be near me or possable look in my general directing while it is wearing off ((read about 4 hours)) I have a tendancy to rip throats out first and ask question later.
And I *still* Have that paper to write so I can't even just put up with having the attension span of a bug.
I'm going to be before I either throw up or commin grievious bodily injure to myself and others.

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guilty thoughts at 05:27 p.m., Friday, April 11, 2003

I bought a new Siemese Fighting Fish yesterday. The Greneral commited sepuku some time before spring break so the fish jar had been standing cold and empty (I obviosly need sleep for I am waxing poetic about a fish jar). I get teh new one home and go to fill the jar with fresh spring water, only to find me gallon empty. I bought a dollar bottle of water from the vending machine. He's now living the high life swiming in Aquafina. I have run out of Oriental food names that I like so I'm just moving on to other foods. The new fish is purple so thus I named him Purple Jesus. Its a kind of very cheep mixed drink. According to my parents, who made a bathtub full of it for a party when they were younger, its called Purple Jesus because it grape juice and what ever kind of cheep vodka you can find, and therefor is strong enough to either raise the dead or make you wish you had died.

I should be writing my History and Systems paper. ::will now resist the horrable urge to second cite::

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Then maybe she could love me\"
-Homecoming: Five for Fighting

guilty thoughts at 04:03 a.m., Monday, April 7, 2003

So it is 4 am and I am sitting here writing a full one research paper (Which thankfully I didn't have to do the research for) on the Necker Cube. You all know what this it. A Necker Cube is the little 3d drawing of cube yo doodle while listening to some one ont he phone or when you are bored in class. You know how if you stare at it long enough some times its popping out towards you and soem times away? Yeah I get to write a paper on that.

Blah I say.

Today's Quote: \"A fantasy will do when reality is shy.\"
-Innocent Kiss : Jump, Little Children

guilty thoughts at 05:57 a.m., Wednesday, April 2, 2003

My granola bar is funny shaped. And I think I'm on my 4 can of diet Mnt Dew.

The grannola bar is shapped *really* funny. I think i need sleep.

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guilty thoughts at 03:35 p.m., Tuesday, April 1, 2003

So there are these signs posted all over campus to see this tennis player and all I can think of is Does he have balls? Can he score between other guys legs? I've been scsared for life but at least I never liked tennis.

On another note Look at this! I'm all proud of me. She's the first think I've ever coloured on the comp. She is also the litmag cover for this year and incase any of you are reading "Ties" this is Danielle. Though in reality she has black hair and blue eyes, but hey! who cared. Isn't she cute?

Back to work bitch! ::will now talk to self in third person::

Today's Quote: \"And the sight of you're sleepy smile eclipsed all the other people
As they paused to sneer at the two girls for out of town.\"
Ani DiFranco

guilty thoughts at 02:02 a.m., Saturday, March 29, 2003

I feel another white board war coming on. Whyyou may ask? Because 15 minutes ago I was crawling into bed after falling asleep at the keyboard and I heard my white board being torn off the wall. Not falling. There was the distinct soundsof distressed foam core and stretching adhesive. And then the two girls next door entiring the'r room with their hussy frat boy toys. I'm pretty sure it was one of the boy toys because I have never had a problem with either of the chicks. They seem nice enough if a bit to popular and trendy for my taste. I also think it was on of the guys because earlier I heard one mocking the other for stopping to look at the pics I have stuck on my door. One of which being a Louis Royo painting. Most of his work can be classified as soft core porn. And I really like his stuff, porn or not. And since they were talking about the "hot women" I'm figuring it was either the Royo, or one of the two Kabuki pics. She's always in tight clothes.
So in a fit of massive irritation I march my little ass out there and hang the blasted thing back up. They come out and I let them know I don't appriciat their behavior. And one of them tries this "We didn't do it. Honest. I wouldn;'t lie to you." Bullshit. Riiiight. 'cause they know me so well, and my oppinion means that much to them. And they stole a some thing from my door, though not one of the hot chicks, though fuck me if I can remember what was in the empty spot.
So i have to think of a nasty pointed quote. Any ideas? Or maybe I'll just threaten to take down my sexy women. Though I like that idea less. I *like* my sexy women.

Today's Quote: \"How about you be the 'just the facts' man and let me be the uncany intuition guy, alright?\"
John Doe

guilty thoughts at 01:02 a.m., Friday, March 28, 2003

::poke prof/boss:: I'll be in to grade the tests at three. Poo I say. And I wasn't babling. I was making a concerted effort to start a kerfluffle in blog land.

::types with spoon while eating soy yogurt:: My older sister called to tell me she thinks she knows with I get the hives. (Which if you are out of the loop and didn't know, I get if I don;t take these butt kinkin' anti histominese every day.) She thinks I'm allergic to Yellow Number Five. Apparently 1 out of 10,000 (yes you read the number right) is allergic and main simpton is hives. I'd say she's a bit soft, but I have a host of out and unlikly illnesses. Some day I'll type up a list.

Today's Quote: \"I mean, who thinks of Grover as naked.\"
Moxy Fruvus: Naked Puppets

guilty thoughts at 07:59 p.m., Tuesday, March 25, 2003

The long awaited ENTRY OF DOOOOOOOOM!!!!!

Disclaimer. I am, in fact, aware that this entry will make me seem petty, mean spirited, bitchy and lots of other nasty words. I have a long history of being petty, mean spirited and bitchy. In fact I excel at it. I think itís fun.
Also, I know that my spelling is probably crap, my grammar is shit, and I donít use one tense consistently. Go ahead an say some thing nasty about it. I dare you. I have a comment feature now! ::is proud of thieved comment feature::

It has come to my attention that someone wished Kouri had never joined the X fandom. I have a few things to say on this topic. First off you might be thinking that Kouri can defend herself. Youíd be right. She can. But I feel like saying a few things to set the record straight.
Let it be stated for the record that I was the one that got Kouri started in the X fandom. Actually, correction, I pestered and harassed her into helping me build an X image archive and write an X fic long before there was a mother fucking X fandom. As a matter of fact the first X fic we wrote she hadnít even *read* the X mange. It was all my folks, so start bitching at the right people. (But you wouldnít know that because most of you donít know I exist because I donít write solo and donít blog faithfully).
So who gets to decide who has the right to be in a fandom? Is it a matter of seniority? ĎCause if so you can all eat me. I was here first. Way back when there was only about 4 X pages, and the only one even remotely decent was Rabiís. I started reading it way the fuck back when I still had to wait for volume 3of the shitty translated version to be punished.
If the person who decides who is allowed in a fandom if the bitchiest you can still All. Eat. Me. Congratulations. I usually donít blog because Iím lazy, or have nothing important to say, of mostly just because Iím unmotivated. Well now Iím motivated and I feel like being a bitch.

What are you going to do to me? Stop reading the fiction that I help write? Why the fuck are you reading if you donít like it? I mean, why the *hell* waste you time if you donít like it. Do you really get that much of a chuckle for mocking it. Christ thatís sad. The stuff we write is ridiculously long. Seems like a lot of trouble to go threw for a chuckle. Go laugh at the ass our president is making of himself. Itís quicker.

Brief and random aside. If any of you reading this *do* like the fiction and the fanfics, thank for the support. Just do me one little favor (note: Iím not trying to offend the readers that like our work. Really.) *Please* write to both Kouri and I. I have an e-mail link to and yet she gets almost all of the mail and people tell her how much they like everything, when really I wrote half of it. And it annoys her to be getting letters about how much people like characters that are solely *mine*.
Right. Sorry about that. Back on topic.

Honestly, I *donít* get it. You want to know a little some thing about me? If I donít like some thing I stop reading it. Hello! What a revolutionary idea! Really, there are authors I adore, but ever now and then they write some thing I donít like. Stephen King, whoís work I worship, wrote a book about a girl listen to a baseball game. And Iím thinking ďew, I donít want to ready about that.Ē So I didnít buy it.

Kouri is my best friend. We share just about everything. In fact I was going over some of the things I wanted to say in this entry while we drove half way across the country together. Guess what, I donít read all of her work. Why? Because some of it doesnít interest me.
::gasp:: Who would have freacken thought of not reading some thing if you didnít like it or wasnít interested? Right cause I *must* have been a real genius to come up with that. Jesus jogging on a swimming pool. I donít care if you think every word we have ever written and posted is some how forever desecrating and defiling the internet. Your entitled to that opinion, but it is my considered opinion, (and it this case one of only two that matter) that regardless of what you think, we have the right to type and post anything we freaken please. I think there is a lot of fan fiction out there that sucks so much ass that itís running out, but I donít tell those people that they should never have joined a fandom. I just choose not to read it.
I think Iím getting a bit redundant.

And just in case you (who ever ďyouĒ are. Leave a comment. Itíll be fun.) werenít pissed yet. I. Fucking. Hated. Prince. Of. Iím-a 12-year-old-kid-serounded-by-ugly-supporting-character Tennis. ĎCause ew tennis. Was that petty enough?

In closing, go ahead, say nasty things about me. Though be warned, I hardly ever read blogs, so it might take a few days to circle back to me. Or you could go with the direct approach.
And in a complete departure from the topic at hand. . . any one who has sent mail lately I promise Iíll answer soon. And if you are amused by this entry, well now Iím motivated to keep blogging so stay tuned.

Today's Quote: \"Some one call the girl police
And file a report.\"
Ani DiFranco: Fairy Tale

guilty thoughts at 03:06 p.m., Tuesday, March 25, 2003

There is an anime about Go? ::points at comments:: Okay, that's just strange. I'm just not seeing how it could be interesting, though I do like the game. I'm not even half bad at it.

So I picked up my plants from home last night. My Christmas cactus is still blooming. Double flowers that are floresent pink. And my dad gloated over his tablet. He bought it at the Good Will for 20 bucks. The damned thing is like 10x12. Grrrr.... And I still can't get mine to work properly.

::shlump:: Term paper calls.

Today's Quote: \"Gone savige for teenagers with automatic weapons and boundless love.
Los Angeles love's love.\"
Soul Coughing: Los Angeles

guilty thoughts at 12:20 p.m., Monday, March 24, 2003

I have decided that there is no justice in the world. I have the first good nights sleep in 5 days and when my alarm wakes me for class Iím having some weird dream about being kidnapped by some short, fat sexual predator. As if this isnít bad enough Iím one of the Olson twins.(Is that how you spell it? Any way the twin that played the annoyingly cute little girl on that wretched sitcom Full House. Dear God how I hated that show and my little sister watched it incessantly.)
I canít even call this a nightmare. My dreams are never very pleasant, but still, crappy way to end a good nights sleep.

Word on the war. I was at an anti-war speech about 2 weeks ago and it was said at the speech that patients is a virtue, (Even though Bush has lost his with Iraq) but by the same token some times the house in on fire and one has to act immediately. I can understand this. The problem is that as far as I could see (And I will admit to not having all the facts) the ďhouseĒ wasnít on fire. I didnít even see any smoke, just the possibility of a child (Metaphor here, Iím not making judgement on the maturity of Iraqiís) with a match.

::pauses in blogging to rub hand cream onto nose:: Iíve had this wretched sinus cold thing and have quite literally blown my nose so many times that it is dry and peeling like I have a sun burn or some thing.
See my pretty comments thing? Actually I kidnapped the code, so it looks like Kouriís comment thing. Iím working on fixing that, so just ignore the fact that itís her colour scheme.

Moving on to stuff you actually care about.
On the topic of the State of 10,000 Lakes. It was great though the Mall of America quite frankly scares the crap out of me.

Anime watched: Azumanga: I had all ready seen some earlier, but it has to be one of the cutest things I have ever seen. Aside from CCD that is, and CCD get *to* cute after a while. I think the black cat if related to the Big Eyed Kitty in Trigun.

CCD: I have already seen all of it but I have never watched it with that much blatant innuendo flying through the air. You Minesotans are scary. ::snrk:: I mean, dude, their in elementary school. Speaking of which . . . .

Prince of Tennis: Sweet muscular Jesus jogging on a swimming pool. I only saw the first episode and that was *more* than enough for me. I mean. . . Iím my firm opinion the animation was wretched. The back grounds for the ďactionĒ shots where horrid. And speaking of ďactionĒ I can understand using stock footage, but generally I think it should be limited to magical girl transformations. I mean if Mr. Seventeen-and-Dog-Ugly tried a ďspecial moveĒ ::cough cough:: At least have the decency to *flip the image* when you use the stock footage from the previous ďspecial moveĒ.
And as for sexual innuendo (aside from the fact that the main character is 12) why would you want to make any. I mean. . .ugly. . . all of them. Not a bishy to be seen and . . .okay, one can make the obvious jokes about boys with balls and scoring between the other guys legs, and I did make this joke, but. . .ugly. It reminds me of Kenshin ( special sword techniques, special tennis moves) but with out any of the coolness that Kenshin has.
Obviously I am not a big tennis fan. Boring sport, never did like watching it. Are they going to make an anime about bowling? Have they already? They should call it Super 10 Pin Gods. Okay, I think Iím done. Iíve been thinking about this way to much.

Subs of Kenshin: Damned cool. I like Kenshinís subbed voice better, though the dub was a good choice it think (Who can argue with the guy that did the voice for Lagato Bluesummers). Misaoís sub voice is a bit less shrill, but over all her voice changes little. Yahiko, Kaoru, Siato, Soujiro ::snuggle the Soujiro:: Hiko all seemed pretty much the same. Sanoís cool either way.
What really cracked me up where the outtakes. There is just some thing fundamentally wrong and yet terribly amusing about hearing Kenshin saying ďoh shitĒ, hearing Aoshi blow a raspberry, and hearing Shishio apologizing all the time.
::dies laughing:: The WK outtakes.
:concerning guy on motorcycle: ďDoes he die?, Well that sucks., Thanks for the memories!Ē
Concerning the very first set of baddies: ďThey are known as the Trick-or-treaters. Oh. . . scary.Ē The guy playing Persia just freaken cracked me up.

And last but not least. . . Wolfís Rain. Oh my dear God, Iím in love. They are so sexy and cute, and snuggly and. . . and. . . ::gushes like the pathetic fangirl I am:: Much slashiness, and good story and. . .
I mean really Yoko Kano did the music and I honestly canít think of anything she has written music for that *wasnít* good. Iíll admit that I was a bit skeptical at first. ĎCause I was thinkiní ďWolves. . .that *look* like humans, but arenít. At all? I mean. . .not even werewolves?Ē But no, it was damned cool. And the plot is good, and we already ::gasp:: have character development in the first nine episodes.

I am going to go do something useful now. Like homework, or unpacking.

Today's Quote: \"The secret to scoring is good penitration\"
Uknown radio dj some where in NY state

guilty thoughts at 07:46 p.m., Sunday, March 23, 2003

I did not die on the trip. It was close a couple of times, but I didn't do it.

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